Monday, 30 July 2012

Cake, Cake, Cake....

I have been so busy baking cakes, I haven't had time to blog.  I also had a laptop problem and I had to replace my keyboard on my 4 month old laptop.  Not impressed with a certain very well known 'PC' shop - what did I learn - never ever buy anything from them again and also changing a keyboard is very simple!  Technology tekkers to add to my list!

Anyhow, I thought I would post a few pics of recent cakes

This was a lovely summer berry wedding cake with chocolate covered strawberries  They were so lucky to get one of the hottest days so far this year. They served it for dessert at the reception.

This is an Arsenal Football Shirt Cake replicating their new strip

A triple chocolate cake wrapped in a chocolate cuff and topped with berries

 A two tier cake and a bible cake with a personalised message for a baby boy's Christening

A huge Mickey Mouse cake

Tiger stripes and make up by specific request by my step-granddaughter

Some chocolate and vanilla birthday cupcakes

I have one cake resting before decorating tonight and I can have a well deserved rest this week.  Hopefully I will be able to finish some of my previous draft posts and get some sewing done.  I could actually eat of piece of cake right now but as usual, there is never any cake in the house when I want it!


  1. You are truly talented, those cakes look amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh these are amazing! How did you do the arsenal cake so perfectly? I was going to attempt to do one like that for a birthday in october, but after seeing how good yours is I think I'll give up! haha!

  3. Hi Sam, the logo and sponsor lettering are edible prints, you can get logos printed in rice paper. You must have a go, I bet it will be appreciated!

  4. i'm sure i said this before, but i will say it again - YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!!!

  5. Love those cute bootees on the christening cake. And I love the wedding cake with berries, a fab idea, and refreshing change from the regular wedding-cake styles.

    Erika @ xx

    1. Thank you - I loved that cake too. They ate it for dessert at the wedding, I think 'naked' wedding cakes are gorgeous